About Us

Geek Regeneration is the brain child of Andrew Elkins, a self-proclaimed geek and lover of Doctor Who and countless other shows and genres that it is too much to list here. His idea is to create an outlet where he can share his passions for all things geeky through his cosplay and experiences. (No, he won’t go into how long he has been a geek! Time Lords never tell!) This site will talk about the hot fandom topics of the day, while also providing humor, tidbits and advice that appeal to his fellow geeks and nerds. It is also a place to promote cool props and other geek merchandise for purchase that might not be found anywhere else.

Cosplay appearance services are also available, please contact us if you are interested or for rates.

We hope you enjoy looking through the site and perhaps we will see you at one of the many conventions we attend.

Feedback is always welcome.

Wear your geek with pride!